Who Are We?

TMY is the leading brand in researching and producing projectors since 2020. After deep market investigation on our US customers, we started to develop this series of TMY projector and they are finally available to our customers now.


What Do You Need?

1. Higher Brightness:


Upon choosing a projector, it's highly important that the projector has enough brightness power. Unlike the other mini projectors on the market, TMY projector has much better ANSI light power and can be not only used in the dark environment or night, but also in the day with certain light conditions.


2. Higher Resolution:


When you decide to have a projector with more brightness, there is another thing must be highly valued, Resolution. Compared with other native 480P and 720P projectors, our TMY projector featured with latest 1080P Full HD Enhanced technology, which delivers 3 times more pixels than other projectors at the same content details.


3. Enhanced Color Contrast Ratio:


Now you have a projector with higher brightness and resolution, is that all? TMY is a professional brand in the projector research and development and also equips TMY projector with latest 3-Chip-RGB technique, thus increasing the color contrast ratio has been increased to 6000:1. With the built-in color calibrating and adjusting technology, TMY projector works to restore more intricate color details, which presents our customers a real, dynamic and color vibrant projection image quality.